Hear me and Jon on the C Tolle Run Podcast!

Jon and I were guests on Carrie Tollefson's C Tolle Run podcast

As you may recall, she was a guest on our Fueling the Pursuit podcast and inspired my article about "word cues." She invited us on to discuss our journey from college teammates to business partners and podcast hosts.

Unlike my other podcasts where we spoke primarily about Make the Leap, we spent most of our time talking about Go Be More and Fueling the Pursuit. We covered some really big topics and it was fun to get her perspective on them.

C Tolle Run Show Notes

Carrie chats with Jon Rankin and Bryan Green, hosts of the Fueling the Pursuit podcast! They chat about their journey into the sport, turning from college teammates into business partners, and much more!

Some main topics:

  • How Jon and I met
  • The origin of Go Be More
  • The 5 Pillars of Go Be More
  • Fueling the Pursuit and podcasting

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