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The Think Better Newsletter is a short weekly email with tips on how to think better about your training, both your formal training program and the Hidden Training Program. It expands on and branches out from the topics covered within the book, to help you think strategically about specific areas of your life.

I keep it simple. It's 1 idea, 1 system, and 1 question, in 1 email per week. It's less than 5 minutes start to finish.

  • The idea covers a story, framework, or concept where we can think better.
  • The system gives a simple strategy for getting better results.
  • The question gives you one thing to think about for the next week. 

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Previous editions:

12/2/21: Performances indicate ability, not potential

11/25/21: Traditions, priorities, and giving thanks

11/18/21: Tarkine Shoes and the importance of agency

11/11/21: Embracing constraints as focusing factors

11/04/21: Is it possible to care too much?

10/28/21: How to make criticism constructive

10/21/21: Combat negative bias with an "awesomeness journal"

10/14/21: The most important training lesson

10/07/21: A simple system to improve your hydration (and a free resource)

09/30/21: Intentions are not a primary metric for success

09/23/21: Are you staying focused on the right metric for success?

09/16/21: Training plans, forecasts, and nailing your core assumptions

09/09/21: Use word cues to focus better in challenging situations

09/02/21: A three-part system for creating good first impressions

08/26/21: Using attribution theory to combat impostor syndrome

08/19/21: Why we should prioritize controllability over accuracy

08/12/21: The four factors that explain every outcome

08/05/21: Keep your eyes open for win-win situations

07/29/21: Twisties, yips, dartitis, and prioritizing mental health

07/22/21: Your body will reject the lies you tell yourself

07/15/21: What is your decision-making default?

07/08/21: The benefits of an explorative mindset

07/01/21: What factors do...and do not...contribute to happiness

06/24/21: The reason everything happens for a reason

06/17/21: The power of naming your emotions

06/10/21: Results are, by definition, what the system was designed to create

06/03/21: Mastery is a measure of execution, not results

05/27/21: When positive is preferable to perfect (What to do when you just don't care)

05/20/21: Breakthroughs result from bold commitments

05/13/21: One simple question to avoid (most) careless mistakes

05/06/21: What does "chasing life" mean to you?

04/29/21: Simplify vs Optimize - which should you do right now?

04/22/21: A simple, functional mental framework that gets results

04/15/21: Building a habit for quickly regaining focus

04/08/21: How to use strong emotions to identify poor expectations

04/01/21: Can your North Star goals pass a value check?

03/25/21: What exactly is the Hidden Training Program

03/18/21: The "invisible" high costs of excess friction

03/11/21: How much friction are you trying to overcome?

03/04/21: Curiosity's Connection to Engagement

02/25/21: The Leap Cycle of improvement

02/18/21: The difference between passion and motivation

02/11/21: The benefits of self-referenced goal-setting

02/04/21: Understanding "potential" in training

01/28/21: Introducing the Venn diagram of training feedback loops (aka, what kind of runner are you?)

01/21/21: 3 words that determine positive feedback loops

01/14/21: The importance of making THE CHOICE

01/06/21: How to better embrace change by thinking differently

12/30/20: How to read a running book