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I publish a short newsletter with tips on how to think better about your training, both your formal training program and the Hidden Training Program. This newsletter expands on and branches out from the topics covered within the book, to help you think strategically about specific areas of your training.

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Previous editions:

04/08/21: How to use strong emotions to identify poor expectations

04/01/21: Can your North Star goals pass a value check?

03/25/21: What exactly is the Hidden Training Program

03/18/21: The "invisible" high costs of excess friction

03/11/21: How much friction are you trying to overcome?

03/04/21: Curiosity's Connection to Engagement

02/25/21: The Leap Cycle of improvement

02/18/21: The difference between passion and motivation

02/11/21: The benefits of self-referenced goal-setting

02/04/21: Understanding "potential" in training

01/28/21: Introducing the Venn diagram of training feedback loops (aka, what kind of runner are you?)

01/21/21: 3 words that determine positive feedback loops

01/14/21: The importance of making THE CHOICE

01/06/21: How to better embrace change by thinking differently

12/30/20: How to read a running book