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I keep it simple. It's 1 idea, 1 system, and 1 question, in 1 email per week. It's less than 5 minutes start to finish.

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Previous editions: 

5/19/22: The subtle influences of the right books - Vonnegut's Cat's Cradle as a treatise on engagement?; clocks and how we tell time; Dejima and and ancient Japanese shrine

4/28/22: The key to controlling your confidence - what self-efficacy is; why self-efficacy matters; the six factors that help us boost our self-efficacy (aka confidence)

4/21/22: The power of "pacing and leading" - persuading in emotionally charged situations; why pacing and leading works; tips for "pacing" another person

4/14/22: Knowing your limits is a superpower - how experiences that push us to the limit build confidence; the power of vicarious experience; building confidence by building up past experiences

4/7/22: Creating a new routine often comes down to...the mango - how a small reward helped motivate me to do sit-ups; the three (or maybe four) steps to every habit; what makes a good reward

3/31/22: How acting "as if" affects feelings and results - 3 rules to live by; acting "as if" and feelings following actions; results follow actions; pretend positively

3/24/22: Smart athletes don't set SMART goals - The many problems with the SMART goal-setting methodology; goals should be meaningful and challenging

3/17/22: Russia and preparation based on lies - Why Russia's preparation was so poor; the relative costs of truthful preparation vs unprepared failure; why preparation must be based on truth

3/10/22: Why big decisions feel so hard (intro to the Newman Design Squiggle) - Newman Design Squiggle; early stages always confusing; 3P's framework for evaluating opportunities

3/3/22: The role of perspective in developing accountability - responsibility for evaluation, execution, and planning is tied to past, present, future; coaches focus on responsibility; athletes work toward accountability 

2/24/22: The difference between Responsibility and Accountability - responsibility is about actions; accountability is about outcomes; 5 stages of responsibility

2/17/22: "Context is that which is scarce." - context is critical for understanding the world; fundamental attribution error; "could I be missing important context here?"

2/10/22: The Discipline Illusion: why discipline = freedom - Discipline Illusion makes routines seem limiting; why systems work; true freedom is being able to do more of what you want or need to do

2/3/22: The power of a centering breath - simulating high pressure environments; depressurizing stressful situations; how to take an effective centering breath

1/27/22: How to ask better clarifying questions - most communication is poor; 3 components of every message; "Based on our conversation about A, it sounds like B is the case. Is that correct?"

1/20/22: Rational confidence vs emotional confidence - rational confidence vs emotional confidence; failure of nerve continued; the importance of preparation for building confidence

1/13/22: Challenging assumptions and Failures of Nerve and Imagination - Failures of nerve vs failures of imagination; why they hurt us; how challenging assumptions overcomes them

12/23/21: Wishing you a Merry Christmas - Merry Christmas!

12/9/21: Make your goals meaningful - 3 main components of a goal; why this target?; meaning is what drives motivation

12/2/21: Performances indicate ability, not potential - the "talent trap"; performances are tied to a point in time; associate performance to effort, not talent

11/25/21: Traditions, priorities, and giving thanks - similarities of traditions and systems; thank you to those who have helped me on this journey

11/18/21: Tarkine Shoes and the importance of agency - Tarkine Shoes has launched; agency as a superpower; everything in the world was created by someone, so create!

11/11/21: Embracing constraints as focusing factors - haiku are a product of constraints; use constraints to get unstuck; what if you only had half the resources?

11/04/21: Is it possible to care too much? - the role of caring in success; caring about process vs results; considering extreme cases to make tough decisions

10/28/21: How to make criticism constructive - all criticism is fair; communication is rarely perfect; how to convert criticism to effort-based terms

10/21/21: Combat negative bias with an "awesomeness journal" - dealing with the negative voices in our heads; what is an "awesomeness journal"; tracking your wins

10/14/21: The most important training lesson - musculoskeletal system vs other systems in your body; taking it slowly; building "down weeks" into your training

10/07/21: A simple system to improve your hydration (and a free resource) - importance of systems for areas like hydration; make routines "previously considered"; my pre-conditional rule and my Seven Sip system

09/30/21: Intentions are not a primary metric for success - intentions are important but not the most important; primary metrics should be tied to feedback loops; being publicly accountable drives better behaviors

09/23/21: Are you staying focused on the right metric for success? - the wrong metric can make success feel like failure; process metrics account for context; know what your metric is before you start

09/16/21: Training plans, forecasts, and nailing your core assumptions - forecasts are never "right"; specific numbers give the illusion of certainty; keep reviewing your assumptions when the details seem off

09/09/21: Use word cues to focus better in challenging situations - word cues as a tool for controlling your focus; anticipate how you will feel in tough situations

09/02/21: A three-part system for creating good first impressions - have a strategy for when you meet new people; my three-part system: be excited, curious, and complimentary

08/26/21: Using attribution theory to combat impostor syndrome - how to recognize impostor syndrome; uncontrollable factors drive most of our impostor syndrome; how to use effort-based statements to improve it

08/19/21: Why we should prioritize controllability over accuracy - the three dimensions of attribution theory; why controllability is the most important; Green's Razor: a rule for analyzing performance

08/12/21: The four factors that explain every outcome - intro to attribution theory; word choice and patterns of thinking; considering the words you choose and what they reinforce

08/05/21: Keep your eyes open for win-win situations - thoughts on ties at the Olympics; win-lose situations are often created by us; if you see a win-win, ask for it

07/29/21: Twisties, yips, dartitis, and prioritizing mental health - twisties in gymnastics; explicit vs implicit behaviors; mental health and physical health; the importance of telling others and getting support

07/22/21: Your body will reject the lies you tell yourself - what happens when you lie to yourself; "results don't speak for themselves"; emphasizing truth in preparation

07/15/21: What is your decision-making default? - coaches following "norms"; imitate, repeat or calculate; law of conservation of mental energy; when to follow each method

07/08/21: The benefits of an explorative mindset - races as opportunities to try new things; execution mindset vs explorative mindset; "let's see what I can do."

07/01/21: What factors do...and do not...contribute to happiness - two factor theory of motivation; hygiene factors vs motivating factors; strategies for each type of factor

06/24/21: The reason everything happens for a reason - we get to decide reasons, we connect the dots; the importance of actively learning from experience

06/17/21: The power of naming your emotions - the strain of living a life that isn't aligned to your values; emotions as a form of energy; why naming emotions helps you to control them

06/10/21: Results are, by definition, what the system was designed to create - systems and processes and organizations are designed to produce results; bad results are due to bad design; humility and accountability play a role in improving systems

06/03/21: Mastery is a measure of execution, not results - what aging tells us about mastery; results and mastery are not 1:1 related; my five levels of mastery; a more productive definition of mastery

05/27/21: When positive is preferable to perfect (What to do when you just don't care) - we can't care about everything 100%; positive is sustainable, perfect is not; visualizing this via the Momentum Model

05/20/21: Breakthroughs result from bold commitments - Shannon Rowbury on how to have breakthroughs; letting go and focusing on execution; my Risk scale highlighting boldness as a measure of execution

05/13/21: One simple question to avoid (most) careless mistakes - examples of careless mistakes; four types of mistakes; "if this goes bad, what will be the most likely reason?"

05/06/21: What does "chasing life" mean to you? - my definition of chasing life; who are you meant to be and what are your priorities?; the importance of making difficult decisions

04/29/21: Simplify vs Optimize - which should you do right now? - simplifying is about taking the next step, optimizing is about getting the best result; how much change do you need to make?; simplify first, then optimize

04/22/21: A simple, functional mental framework that gets results - functional frameworks vs factual frameworks, accountability without control, and why "there's always something you can do."

04/15/21: Building a habit for quickly regaining focus - triggers and routines to regain focus; "After I do X, I will do Y"

04/08/21: How to use strong emotions to identify poor expectations - expectations are result of our "brain factory"; tracking predictions; strong emotions come from poor expectations

04/01/21: Can your North Star goals pass a value check? - if you achieved your goal would you be happy?; "be the person before you become the person"; have to enjoy the lifestyle more than the results

03/25/21: What exactly is the Hidden Training Program - formal training plan vs hidden training plan; what do you really need to do to be successful?; engagement unlocks the hidden training program

03/18/21: The "invisible" high costs of excess friction - friction can't be eliminated, but it can be reduced; effects of friction on feedback loops and compounding gains; identifying the one thing causing the most friction

03/11/21: How much friction are you trying to overcome? - a simple definition of friction; friction as a product of your environment; make a list of the friction in your life

03/04/21: Curiosity's Connection to Engagement - curiosity affects passion and motivation; ask more questions

02/25/21: The Leap Cycle of improvement - the three phases of a leap cycle; the transition periods between phases; the importance of consistency, recovery and repeating the cycle many times

02/18/21: The difference between passion and motivation - a definition of passion; a definition of motivation; the roles each play in creating engagement; finding the right activities to engage in

02/11/21: The benefits of self-referenced goal-setting - what are norm-referenced goals and self-referenced goals?; three benefits of self-referenced goals: context, transferability; freedom to test

02/04/21: Understanding "potential" in training - potential understood as a personal limit; ability is talent molded by effort over time; ability changes in leaps

01/28/21: Introducing the Venn diagram of training feedback loops (aka, what kind of runner are you?) - the three key words in a Venn diagram; four types of runners: leapers, cruisers, grinders, sparklers; which aspect of training each should focus on

01/21/21: 3 words that determine positive feedback loops - a diagram of a feedback loop; how quality, recovery, and consistency are best understood

01/14/21: The importance of making THE CHOICE - we commit to what we choose more than what is given to us; being our best is a choice; use physical reminders to stay focused on it

01/06/21: How to better embrace change by thinking differently - "better necessarily implies different"; three ways to do the same thing, but better; "why do I do it this way?"

12/30/20: How to read a running book - three principles for reading a book; a system based on searching out info, retaining it, and sharing it