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I co-host UCAN's Fueling the Pursuit podcast with Jon Rankin, where we interview elite performers about the mentality that drives their success.

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Below are all of our episodes to date, grouped by sport. I'll add new ones as we publish them!

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We spoke with Jessica Isaacs, Sports Dietitian for the Los Angeles Clippers, about why looking healthy doesn't equal being healthy, why it's hard for many people to develop better eating habits, and her mission to help her clients and social media followers.

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Distance Runners

Distance Running Great Meb Keflezighi on a Masterful Mindset

Consistency, preparation and intention are words that can easily define 4x U.S. Olympian Meb Keflezighi and how he approached his craft. Learn what Meb thinks set him apart from other athletes, how he sustained his elite level of performance for so long, and how he recovered from a near career ending injury in 2008 to have his greatest successes.

Elite Marathoner Sara Hall on Loving the Work & Grind

Sara Hall may be 37 years old, but she has no interest in slowing down anytime soon. For as long as she can, she’s set her sights on realizing her potential before the window of opportunity to do so closes.

Record-Breaking Ultra Runner Coree Woltering on Blazing Your Own Trail and Staying True

If you really want to know how to take on big challenges and conquer them, then this conversation with record-breaking ultra runner Coree Woltering will shed light on how to do it.

Olympic Distance Runner Joe Klecker on Training and Preparing with Purpose

U.S. Olympian Joe Klecker discusses his preparation for and execution at the US Olympic Trials, the support network he's created with his coach Dathan Ritzenhein and On Running, and how he navigated the previous year to set himself up for this year's success.

Olympian Carrie Tollefson on Digging Deep and Not Holding Back

We are joined by Olympian Carrie Tollefson to discuss her early influences, her journey to becoming an Olympian, and her approach to staying focused and positive in races.

This conversation inspired a newsletter and an article at Podium Runner: Your Race Result May Hang on One Word

Pro Runner Makenna Myler on Listening to Your Body

Professional runner and Olympic Trials qualifier Makenna Myler joins us to talk about accountability, building an intentional environment, embracing your journey and when to listen to your body.

Marathoner and Podcaster Tina Muir on Running's Meaning in Our Lives

Tina joins us to talk about how we can use running to find meaning in our lives, from the goals we pursue, the conversations we have, and the causes we choose to dedicate ourselves to.

5x Olympian Abdi Abdirahman on Sustaining 20+ Years of Running Excellence

We speak with Abdi about his Tokyo Olympics experience, what's driven him to continue competing for 20+ years, and lessons learned from his new book Abdi's World.

Record-breaking Marathoner Nathan Martin on Running His Own Race

We talk with Nathan Martin, one of the top marathoners in the world today, about his focus on training his way, achieving his potential, and inspiring others.

Inspirational Marathoner Tommie Runz on Sobriety and Trauma's Power to Transform Us

We talked with marathoner, podcaster, and recovering alcoholic Tommie Runz about what his addiction taught him about his ability to endure and the steps it takes to change your life.

Boston and Beyond: Panel Discussion on Training, Fueling, and Staying Inspired

Join some of the biggest names in running--Meb Keflezighi, Emily Sisson, Emma Bates, and Tommie Runz--for a motivating discussion on how to reach your goals. Hosted by Carrie Tollefson and Angie Spencer, and presented by UCAN.

Triathletes & Cyclists

World Champion Triathlete Tim O'Donnell on Enjoying the Process & Overcoming Adversity

Our conversation with Tim will leave you in awe. Not just because he has accomplished so much as a pro triathlete, but even more so for what he has learned along the way to the top of his sport.

Ironman Triathletes Kyle and Brent Pease on Pushing Together Through Mental and Physical Barriers

Brent and Kyle Pease are many things: brothers, Ironman triathletes and philanthropic leaders. What makes their athletic feats so special is their partnership as brothers committed to a journey meant to inspire everyone they meet along the way.

World Record Holder Dede Griesbauer Shares Secrets to Longevity

We chat with Dede Griesbauer about the important role passion, curiosity and lifestyle play in sustaining an elite triathlon career into your 50s.

I referenced Dede in this article at Runner's Tribe on knowing when to Simplify vs Optimize your training.

Sgt. Michael Smith on Overcoming Obstacles and Chasing Dreams

Sgt. Michael Smith lost his arm in a terrible accident but what it awoke within him mentally clearly outweighs what it took away from him physically.

2x Olympic Triathlete Katie Zaferes on Adopting an Explorative Mindset

We speak with 2x Olympic Triathlete Katie Zaferes about her rocky road to Tokyo--which included covid, crashes, and her father's sudden passing--and how she's adopted an "explorative mindset" for racing.

I wrote about How an Explorative Mindset Leads to Breakthroughs for Podium Runner.

Sprinters & Jumpers

Olympic Sprinter Mechelle Lewis Freeman on the Power of Belief

Mechelle reminds us all that we have to believe in ourselves and that, no matter what, doing the work everyday is always going to be a requirement if you want to achieve your goals.

4x Olympic Gold Sprinter Sanya Richards-Ross on Training Your Mind and the Importance of Support

We talk with 4-time Olympic gold medalist Sanya Richards-Ross on competing in high pressure moments, the benefits of working with sports psychologists, and creating a supportive environment that leads to success.

She inspired my newsletter on your body rejecting the lies you tell it.

Track and Field Paralympian Ezra Frech on Creating a Circle of Inspiration

We speak with the youngest member of the US Paralympic track and field team, Ezra Frech, who describes his motivation to qualify for Tokyo, training as a Paralympic athlete, and his work to grow adaptive athletics through Angel City Sports.

Champion Sprinter & Community Builder Maurelhena Walles on Pursuing Goals in Sport and Life

We spoke with Master's World Champion at 60m and founder of Equity Design, Inc, Maurelhena Walles, about training with a full-time job, the role big goals play in her life, and how the work she is doing to support underserved communities is helping adults and kids build fitness into their lives.

CrossFit Athletes

CrossFit Champion Scott Panchik on Mental Fortitude & Training for the Unpredictable

We speak with Scott Panchik, 8x Crossfit Games competitor, about his approach to competition, why suffering in the gym prepares you for challenges in life, and how we can train for the unpredictable.

CrossFit Games Athlete Fee Saghafi on Taking Things Personally

Fee Saghafi takes us through her journey in Crossfit, the challenges she faced at the Mid-Atlantic Qualifiers, and why she's taking it personally that others have "taken her lunch money."

She inspired my newsletter on the reason everything happens for a reason.

Twin Crossfit Stars Saxon and Spencer Panchik on Risks and Execution

We speak with Crossfit stars Saxon and Spencer Panchik about training and competing together as well as how being twins has affected the way they approach the sport.

NFL Players

NFL Linebacker and Social Justice Advocate Sam Acho on Doing the Little Things Well

Sam talks to us about how he found great success by focusing on small, fundamental activities, as well as the importance of staying true to yourself as you pursue the life you aspire to.

I wrote a newsletter about Sam's strategy of naming your emotions.

Former NFL Lineman Eric Wood on Figuring Out What's Next

We speak with former Buffalo Bills offensive lineman Eric Wood about the injury that forced him out of football, how serving others helped him transition to his new life, and some tips on how to be your best self.

And check out my article on Eric's 5-minute system to boost your self-confidence.

Elite Athletes

Water Polo Olympian Maggie Steffens on Testing Her Body, Mind, and Limits

Through this conversation, it's clear that Maggie Steffens's adaptability is one of the keys to her success. She discusses overcoming pandemic challenges, performing in high pressure situations, and leading her team to Tokyo.

Veteran Race Car Driver Matt Plumb on Mental Practice and Preparing to Win

We speak with racing driver Matt Plumb on how he prepares for races, and how he trains himself to endure situations that would drive most people to quit.


UFC Director of Strength and Conditioning Bo Sandoval on the Foundations of Elite Performance

Learn from an elite trainer working with the top athletes in the world. Bo shares how to build your mindset to reach the next level, the crucial nature of consistency in life, why all training should be intentional and nuanced, and much more!

Performance Trainer David Donatucci on Starting Small and Scaling Up

David Donatucci, the General Manager of Arise Center for Athletic Development in Jupiter, Florida, shares his experiences training elite athletes and helping everyday athletes start--and sustain--new training programs.

Running Coach Greg McMillan on Flexibility and Training "Your Way, Better"

We explore some of the powerful coaching techniques and mindset strategies running coach Greg McMillan uses to help his athletes achieve breakthrough performances.

This article inspired two newsletters and an article at Runner's Tribe on knowing when to "Go" to run negative splits.

Sports Dietitian Jessica Isaacs on Making Nutrition Fun & Accessible

We spoke with Jessica Isaacs, Sports Dietitian for the Los Angeles Clippers, about why looking healthy doesn't equal being healthy, why it's hard for many people to develop better eating habits, and her mission to help her clients and social media followers.


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