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Praise for Make the Leap


Consistency. Prioritization. Execution. Belief. Concentration. Engagement.
Discipline. Responsibility. Confidence. Expectations.

These are mental abilities, not physical. Yet these are what ultimately determine the quality of our training. Or as I prefer to say it: when we think better, we train better.

Some athletes get it. They do everything right. But most don’t, and they often don't realize why. When they improve their mental frameworks, training (and coaching) just gets easier.

I wrote Make the Leap: Think Better, Train Better, Run Faster to help coaches like you solve this problem and to help your athletes think better about training.

I provide novel and easy to understand frameworks for thinking better about each of the above ideas, and tie them together with two fundamental models:

1. The "Build, Leap, Sustain" Leap Cycle: using a simple model of a feedback loop, the Leap Cycle explains how improvement happens and why it's critical to focus on Quality, Consistency, and Retaining your improvement through your activities outside of practice.

2. The Momentum Model: a visual, comprehensive view of all the factors affecting your progress toward your goals, which provides a framework for thinking about all of the other concepts discussed in the book.

The below Optimal Training Pyramid illustrates many of the other fundamental concepts your athletes will think better about after reading the book.


About Me

I am the co-founder and COO of Go Be More apparel and co-host of the Go Be More Podcast and Fueling the Pursuit Podcast. My journey into entrepreneurship and podcasting followed ten years in Silicon Valley and experience living in four countries (US, UK, Italy, and Japan, where I currently reside).

I ran competitively at UCLA from 1997 to 2002 with a number of Olympians, NCAA Champions and amazing teammates. I was coached by Bob Larsen, Eric Peterson, and Helen Lehman-Winters, three of the most accomplished coaches in the sport.

Prior to my junior year, I was a solid contributor but I was underperforming relative to my ability. I began studying psychology and learning theory and applied that knowledge to think better about my training. Within a few months I made a massive leap and stayed at that level. My book takes those core ideas and combines it with newer research and a few key mental models to provide a clear framework for thinking better about training.

I also publish a weekly Think Better Newsletter and am a contributor to Runner's Tribe and PodiumRunner.


“Bryan Green's Make the Leap is the perfect complement to the many books on how to train to be a better runner, explaining how to think about your running and your life to create momentum that leads to breakthroughs.” 
- Jonathan Beverly, Author, Editor-in-Chief at PodiumRunner, former editor at Running Times

Make the Leap features a gold mine of information to help coaches of all sports help their young athletes navigate their journeys, be more efficient and focused during practices, and squeeze the most out of their abilities. 
- Greg Bach, National Alliance for Youth Sports (read his article)


About Make the Leap and the Think Better Workbook

Make the Leap and Think Better WorkbookMake the Leap consists of:

  • Foreword by Hall-of-Fame coach Bob Larsen
  • 2 fundamental models for thinking about training (Leap Cycle and Momentum Model)
  • 11 Optimal Training Principles that address all of the key areas of an athlete's mindset, and 
  • Mental model spotlights to highlight simple ways of thinking that help produce better results.

Each chapter introduces productive frameworks, visual diagrams, tactical strategies and key takeaways. As a result, you can read it start to finish or you can pick a chapter and read it in isolation. 

Written with young, competitive athletes in mind, it will address the areas above using practical examples and amusing anecdotes (and some fun footnotes) that are sure to keep readers engaged. An NCAA D1 coach who purchased the books for his team shared one athlete's review: "I feel like this book is speaking directly to me." (Yes!)

The companion Think Better Workbook provides one-page chapter summaries highlighting the key concepts as well as targeted questions to help your athletes think through and apply the ideas to their personal situation. It's the perfect blend of review and activity to make sure your athletes truly engage with the material.


“As coaches, we often communicate many of these core philosophies to our athletes each day. However, Make the Leap allows our athletes to not only hear the ideas from someone who utilizes them on a daily basis to be successful, but the book also provides visuals, examples, and a positive twist on the outcomes from many of these practices. In addition, Bryan went above and beyond to talk to my team and do a Q&A session with them. 
- Kristen Goossens, Coach, Orange Lutheran High School


About the (BRAND NEW!) Coach's Guide

I created the Coach's Guide to help you integrate the book into your team's training your way. It's jam-packed with questions and activities to help your athletes engage with the material and apply the ideas to their training.

Each chapter and spotlight are covered. Key takeaways and important diagrams from the book are highlighted. I provide a short summary of the intent of each chapter as well as summary questions to check understanding. I also include a handful of more thought-provoking questions to challenge your athletes (just a little). And finally, there is a team activity sheet for each chapter that you can use to help your athletes think more deeply and learn from each other.

A print version of this guide is included in all sets and available for purchase on the store, but you can download a pdf copy for free. I'm serious about helping young athletes succeed and I want to do what I can to help you help them.

Why Your Athletes Will Benefit

The best athletes aren't just the most talented. They are the ones who understand what it takes to get the most out of themselves and their situations. They think better about how they train.

This book will eliminate excuses and provide positive, productive frameworks for how to practice (and spend time outside of practice). But there are benefits that go beyond running:

  • Zero Conflict - The ideas in the book can be used by any coach, in any sport. The mental frameworks in Make the Leap won't challenge how you coach. They will challenge your athletes to be more coachable.
  • Flexible Approach - Read it cover-to-cover or choose chapters to focus on. Read it in the summer, at camp, or as a mid-season refresher. Discuss it in team meetings or utilize the workbooks to monitor progress. It is a tool that fits into your coaching framework.
  • Parents LOVE it - Athletes who read Make the Leap typically improve in all areas, including in the classroom and their other extracurricular activities. That's because the ideas are simple, universal, and highly applicable. Parents love seeing the positive changes in their kids. (I even know of one parent who read it herself and is applying the ideas to her life!)
  • Personal Connection - Every team package comes with a 30-minute Zoom call to be scheduled when it makes the most sense for your team. Have your athletes email me, connect on social media, or follow my newsletter. The more they engage, the more the material will stay relevant. 


Make the Leap will transform how you think about your training, which in turn will transform your entire running experience. If you feel you have untapped potential, read this book.” 
- Matt Fitzgerald, Coach, Author of Chasing the Dream and The Comeback Quotient

THIS book belongs on the bookshelf of every competitive athlete and coach...not just running/track and field. It's the thinking man's guide to tapping into one's potential. 
- Mike Fanelli, USA National Team Coach, 1992, 1996, 2000 (read his full review)


Curious? Read a Preview...

I don't expect you to purchase the book without having some idea what you're getting. That's why I created the below free excerpts which include Chapters 1-4, which focus on:

  • Why mental training matters
  • Feedback loops and Leap Cycles
  • The Momentum Model
  • The Optimal Training Pyramid
  • Engagement and the Hidden Training Program
  • Responsibility and getting the most out of your coach

I'm confident you'll quickly realize the value when you review them.

Make the Leap                          Think Better Workbook
Chapters 1-4                               Chapters 1-4

       Make the Leap cover - Sample                            Think Better Workbook cover - Sample 

(download pdf)                              (download pdf)

...or Hear Me Talk About the Book

I've done a number of interviews and conversations about Make the Leap, from why I wrote it, to who it benefits, and why the ideas work. Below are a few of those conversations:

My co-host, Jon Rankin, and I discuss the origins of Make the Leap and why I wrote it. We also discuss how these same ideas apply to non-training activities, from school to work and social media.

Listen here.

Host Jason Fitzgerald read a pre-release copy and invited me on to discuss most of the core ideas in the first half of the book. He is now adding mental training to his courses.

Listen here.

Host Sarah Kane invited me to discuss some key ideas from the book and how they apply to our lives. This is a free-ranging conversation where you can learn about me.

Listen here.

You can see all my interviews, articles, and reviews on the blog.


This book was a quick easy read filled with hilarious side notes and anecdotes that I found incredibly relatable...

...It is a must read for any endurance athlete - runner, cyclist, swimmer, multisport - anyone engaged in an individual sport will learn a lot and benefit from this book. 
- Kerry Litka, excerpt of review posted on this site


About the Team Packages

Each package comes with a book and workbook for each athlete, coach's sets, and a 30-minute call with me (to be scheduled). If you want to order additional books or workbooks, I offer up to 50% off at the time of purchase. And as a bonus, I also give you discount codes for future purchases on this site, as well as at partner organizations!

I have two standard packages available, one with a digital copy of Make the Leap and the other with the paperback version. They are outlined in detail below. If you want to create a customized package or have a different number of athletes, I'm happy to work with you! 

Digital Book Packages: up to 67% OFF!

Digital team package

Ideal for larger teams, this package ensures all of your athletes get both a digital copy of Make the Leap, a physical workbook to engage with the ideas, coach's sets for you and your assistants, PLUS a team call with me to help make the content stick!

  • Digital copies of Make the Leap for every athlete (pdf, kindle, ePub)
  • Print copies of the Think Better Workbook for every athlete
  • Coach's set(s) (print book / workbook / coach's guide)
  • FREE 30-minute team call
  • FREE Standard Shipping**
  • Add-ons (when purchased with your order)
    • $10/each for paperback copies of Make the Leap (50% off!)
    • $4/each for print workbooks or coach's guides (60% off!)
    • 30% discount on future purchases on this site!
    • 20% discount for you and your athletes at Go Be More
    • 20% discount for you and your athletes at UCAN

That's as low as $8/athlete! There's no more cost effective option for introducing these breakthrough concepts to your athletes.

** Free shipping available for USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. If you live outside these countries, please let me know and I will do my best. If you wish to pay extra for expedited shipping, please tell me and I will provide you a quote.

Paperback Packages: ~50% OFF!

Print package

Physical books are often preferable, because just seeing them reminds us to continue reading and/or remember what we read. There's a reason 80% of my customers choose print still. 

This package is ideal for coaches who want to optimize their athletes' experience. It's also ideal for smaller teams or coaches wishing to try out the book with their varsity teams or senior classes.

  • Print sets of Make the Leap and the Think Better Workbook for each athlete
  • Coach's set(s) (print book / workbook / coach's guide)
  • FREE 30-minute team call
  • FREE Standard Shipping**
    • 30% discount on future purchases on this site!
    • 20% discount for you and your athletes at Go Be More
    • 20% discount for you and your athletes at UCAN

That's as low as $15/athlete to get print copies of the book and workbook! Seriously, what can you get for $15 with this much potential to drive positive change?!

** Free shipping available for USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. If you live outside these countries, please let me know and I will confirm. If you wish to pay extra for expedited shipping, please tell me and I will provide you a quote.

The 30-Minute Team Call - What to Know?

I am passionate about the ideas in Make the Leap and truly believe they can be transformative for many young runners. In order to help make the ideas stick and to provide context and answer questions, I am available to do a 30-minute Zoom call with your team.

I am currently based in Japan, so we will need to work out the scheduling, but I love speaking with young runners and I will prioritize making this a great experience for all.

If you would like me to speak on a specific topic I am happy to do so, or we can do more casual Q&A sessions. Let me know a little about your team and I'll work with you to make the ideal experience.


Tips for Finding the Budget

I've spoken with a number of coaches and I know, budgets are tight, especially at the high school level. Luckily, the investment per athlete when you purchase a team set is quite low. With that said, here are the ways some of my current customers have fit Make the Leap into their budgets:

  • Spirit Pack: If you ask your parents to purchase training and competition wear, you can include the book and workbook into the total package. In fact, this is a great way to ensure that parents feel they are investing in not just gear, but their kid's improvement.
  • Camp Budget: Make your camp a physical and mental training experience. Have your athletes read the first couple chapters in a setting where they can focus on them. Serve your pork and beans with a side of mental models ;)
  • Ask a Donor/Sponsor: Every team has local businesses or organizations that support the team. Ask one of them to purchase the books on your team's behalf. They are often keen to support you with tangible items like a good book.
  • Ask the Alumni: Most teams have successful alumni who are open to supporting the current squad. And let them know I'll throw in a set for them as well! (Same for the donors!)
  • Ask the Parents: You may already feel like you're asking them for a lot. But if it benefits their kids and the value is far greater than the small investment (and it is!), then parents are often willing to pitch in.
  • Splurge on it: I've had a couple coaches simply buy the sets and give them to their athletes. Obviously you have to be in a strong financial situation to even consider this option, but those who did are happy with the investment.

Where there's a will, there's a way.

But if you feel there isn't, let me know your circumstances and I'll see what I can do on my end.


How to Order

I am working on upgrading the store to support customized packages. Until that time, you can schedule 30 minutes with me to learn more and discuss your order.

Or simply submit your info via the form below! Please be sure to tell me the following:

  • Your school or organization
  • Your shipping address (necessary for taxes)
  • Which package you are interested in
  • Any additions or changes you'd like to include (more/fewer print copies, etc)
  • Any questions or other considerations you have

When I receive your email, I will clarify any points if necessary and then send you an invoice for the total. Once that is paid, I will ship the books!

I look forward to supporting you!

One More Thing...Please Tell a Friend!

If you know a coach who is looking to give his or her athletes a mental edge in training and in life, please send them here:

Or if it's easier to give them a physical paper, download and print my Team Packages flyer (pdf) and give it to them!

Thank you!