Praise for Make the Leap

Olympians and Elites

“Bryan Green was a great teammate to me at UCLA. He is a student of the sport both on and off the track. His education, experiences, observations, and insights will help get you to the next level. I highly recommend his book, Make the Leap.”
 - Meb Keflezighi, Olympic marathon silver medalist, Boston and New York City Marathon champion, New York Times bestselling author

Make The Leap is a phenomenal read for anyone looking to take their performance to a higher level. The concepts are straightforward, but the book ties them together in a unique way to create a cohesive framework for success."
 - Peter Gilmore, 2:12 marathoner, top-10 finisher at numerous major marathons (read his full review)

“It is so good to have a book that looks into the mindset of the athlete and analyses the critical questions of how to think about training to get the best out of yourself. Bryan Green accepts the ‘how’ and ‘when’ but provides the definitive ‘why’ that separates the best from the rest. I encourage you to ‘make the leap’, you won’t regret it.”
- Steve Moneghetti, Olympian, Commonwealth Games Marathon Champion

“Dr. Martin Luther King stated that we all have “The Drum Major Instinct”: the instinct to be out in front and to be great. Though everyone may have the instinct, many don’t actually know what it takes to be great and to be out in front. For those of you looking to find an answer to that question, Bryan has done the heavy lifting for you. Go ahead and Make the Leap!”
- Khadevis Robinson, 2-time Olympian, Author of When Seconds Count

"I witnessed Bryan Green make the leap when we were teammates at UCLA. His level of confidence in every practice and every race that season left an impression on me that inspired my ascension to the top of our sport. Take it from me, he knows what it takes to break free of the mental barriers that prevent us from realizing our full potential. Make the Leap will show you the way."
- Jon Rankin, 3:52 miler, US Olympic 1500m alternate; Founder, Go Be More Apparel

Make the Leap will help runners prioritize what’s important in their training. But this is not just a book for runners—it can help anyone on their athletic journey, or any mental or physical health odyssey.” 
- Christian Cushing-murray, 3:55 miler, Masters M45 1500m record holder, Century High School Coach

Make The Leap is a necessary read if you want the tools to you reach your athletic goals. Bryan writes a clear and informative path that highlights how planning, execution, engagement and evaluation can lead to some amazing results! Make The Leap should be read by all high school coaches.
- Michael Granville II, National HS record holder 800m, NCAA Champion

“I just finished your book and it definitely hit home in a lot of ways. I'm 100% gonna be rereading and referencing it again, but even this first go around actually got me really excited for the seasons to follow. I highlighted a lot of pieces in there and the chapter on making discipline your lazy default was all kinds of eye opening. The book definitely confirmed some decisions and ideas that had been casually tumbling around in my head and now when I frame them in terms of potential feedback loops and in the momentum model, the courses of action are pretty clear.”
- Austin Miller, US Olympic Trials Finalist in pole vault, 18' 9" personal best


“If Make the Leap had been available I would have strongly encouraged the athletes I've coached over the years to read it at the start of each season. Furthermore I would have suggested that they review the book whenever they ran into mental or physical blocks.”
- Bob Larsen, 4x NCAA Coach of the Year, UCLA, Retired; 2004 US Olympic Distance Coach; Head Toad

Make the Leap will transform how you think about your training, which in turn will transform your entire running experience. If you feel you have untapped potential, read this book.” 
- Matt Fitzgerald, Coach, Author of Chasing the Dream and The Comeback Quotient

THIS book belongs on the bookshelf of every competitive athlete and coach...not just running/track and field. It's the thinking man's guide to tapping into one's potential. 
- Mike Fanelli, USA National Team Coach, 1992, 1996, 2000 (read his full review)

“As Bryan Green points out in such engaging fashion, there is so much more to becoming a faster runner than logging miles. Make the Leap is a must-read book for athletes and coaches everywhere, a literal how-to of goals, attitude, and mindset to make better runners.” 
- Martin Dugard, 3x California State Champion Cross Country Coach and New York Times #1 bestselling author

Make the Leap by Bryan Green is one of those books that every runner and coach should have in the library. Along with Once a Runner, Pre, Joe Vigil’s Road to the Top, Daniels’ Running Formula, Running with the Buffaloes and Bowerman and the Men of Oregon, Make the Leap will be one of those dog-eared books that is read, underlined, quoted, and reread.”
- Ken Reeves, 1999 and 2000 National Coach of the Year, 11x California State Cross Country Champion as Coach at Nordhoff High School

“In Make the Leap Bryan Green focuses on the mental factor as the primary determinant of running success (“think better, train better”), creating his own terminology to show how our minds can work for and against us. The book is an excellent resource for both runners and coaches to study and employ in their efforts to maximize potential and is applicable to all areas of life: athletic, professional, and personal.”
- Walt Lange, Hall of Fame Inductee, 2010 National Coach of the Year, 9x California State Cross Country Champion as Coach at Jesuit High School (read his full review)

“The next leap forward in achieving higher levels of peak performance will come from understanding our mental relationship with running. Make the Leap provides an easy to use framework for improving your mental skills, honing a growth mindset, and achieving your potential.”
- Jason Fitzgerald, Strength Running head coach and host of the Strength Running Podcast

Make the Leap is a legal performance-enhancing aid for athletes and coaches alike. It is truly a cheat code and hack on the odyssey of becoming a champion. When you read this book, make sure you do so with a highlighter and pen in hand because there are non-stop “a-ha” moments. Green deftly applies time-tested social psychological principles to sport performance in a very relatable and easy-to-understand way that results in the first singular, “must-have” resource for the bookshelves of all endurance athletes and coaches.”
- Scott Abbott, Executive Director, Sacramento Running Association; former distance coach Sacramento State University

“I was a high school science teacher for 32 years, and a coach of several high school sports for over 20 of those years, this book would have helped me to be a better coach of both sports and the science topics that I taught.”
- Bob Grove, 30+ years coaching high school track and cross country, Retired

As coaches, we often communicate many of these core philosophies to our athletes each day. However, Make the Leap allows our athletes to not only hear the ideas from someone who utilizes them on a daily basis to be successful, but the book also provides visuals, examples, and a positive twist on the outcomes from many of these practices. In addition, Bryan went above and beyond to talk to my team and do a Q&A session with them.
- Kristen Goossens, Cross Country Coach, Orange Lutheran High School

Make the Leap consolidates into a digestible and actionable form the most powerful sports psychology and mindset-focused concepts available to high performers today. Bryan Green uses running and personal experience to uniquely illustrate how to apply these valuable mental tools to make the breakthroughs that maximize athletic potential. This is far from just a running book, however. What is presented is applicable to any sport or life pursuit where excellence is required between the ears.”
- Jesse Moore, Moore Performance Coaching, coach to multiple National Champions, Olympians, and World Tour Race Winners

“As I progressed through every chapter I continually found myself thinking the same thing... I can't wait to give this book to my entire team to read!! Make the Leap does a fantastic job of breaking down, in easily digestible and understandable terms, what it takes for any runner to reach their goals. This way of thinking can help anyone reach any number of goals... running or non-running."
- Robert L., Collegiate coach

“As a former runner and current coach, Make the Leap gives great insight on how to improve the mindset and performance of our athletes. This book gives information and examples of how to improve your program and your runners. I would encourage coaches and runners of all experience to read this book and gain more insight about the art of running.”
- Joshua Briggs, Littlerock High School distance coach


“Bryan has created effective and practical tools for anyone wishing to succeed not only in athletics, but whatever endeavor they pursue. The philosophy, strategies, and tactics Bryan has laid out in Make the Leap will have a profound and tangible impact and may just change your life.” 
- Jim Ortiz, former UCLA Cross Country Captain, Executive Recruiter

“Out of all the athletes I have met over the years, very few of them would say that they fulfilled their true potential. Self-sabotage, overtraining, and low-confidence are but a few of the barriers many of us stumble over. Bryan Green's book Make the Leap helps athletes to get past these issues, which is vital if one is to maximize their talent.”
- Sam Burke, co-founder Tarkine and Runner's Tribe, national level 1500m runner

“Having ran competitively for over a decade, I fell into a cycle of simply going through the motions in my training. Make the Leap has completely flipped my mindset in every aspect of my training, and I now find myself more engaged and motivated to implement purpose in everything I do within my formal training program as well as my day-to-day life. I truly believe reading this was one of the best things I could do for myself in striving for my athletic potential.”
- Sarah Turner, Coach/Dietician,

This book is a reminder that so much of our success comes from our mental behaviors. I have been running for 11 years. I wish I had material like this sooner to guide me along the way. With that, I feel like this book is just want I needed to get me out of my personal pandemic funk. As I coach XC and Track teams I will be sharing this book and the behaviors it talks about to all my athletes.”
- Christy Chambless, Runner/Coach, @not_just_christy

“This book was a quick easy read filled with hilarious side notes and anecdotes that I found incredibly relatable... Reading this book showed me how I was already doing many of the things that help move athletes forward, and it gave me an opportunity to examine my current state of affairs and develop some new goals... This book is a must read for any endurance athlete - runner, cyclist, swimmer, multisport - anyone engaged in an individual sport will learn a lot and benefit from this book.
- Kerry Litka, excerpt from review on

I love the content so much I read 100 pages in the first day! Great for athletes wanting to learn more about the psychology of their training and how they can “take it up a notch”.
- Sarah Kane, Runner, host of Chasing Life Podcast (hear my interview)

Media & Podcasts

Bryan Green's Make the Leap is the perfect complement to the many books on how to train to be a better runner, explaining how to think about your running and your life to create momentum that leads to breakthroughs. 
- Jonathan Beverly, Editor-in-Chief at PodiumRunner, former Editor at Running Times, Author of Run Strong, Stay Hungry and Your Best Stride

“Make the Leap features a gold mine of information to help coaches of all sports help their young athletes navigate their journeys, be more efficient and focused during practices, and squeeze the most out of their abilities.” 
- Greg Bach, National Alliance for Youth Sports (read his article)

Have you heard of a self-improvement book called The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People? Well, Make the Leap by Bryan Green could easily have been called The 11 Habits of Highly Effective Runners! Bryan will help you to think about your running improvement in a way that will push you forward no matter what your current level. Maybe you should stop concentrating on that impossible goal at the top of the hill and start working on building the momentum that is going to push you higher than you ever imagined. 
- Alan Miller, Runner, Host of Running Book Reviews podcast (hear my interview)


I loved how simple & approachable the book is. The tools are easy to understand and implement, and it is already making a difference in my life. I'm not a competitive runner, but the approach works for everything.
- Charles Gaillard, Business Coach

I wasn’t sure what to expect since my background is car racing, but by page 3 I knew I was reading something that could easily be applied cross-discipline. I was wary about the simplicity of ‘think better have better results’, but that’s the genius of the book and what makes it so practical. Rather than weighing the reader down with weighty commentary, Bryan simply explains the connection between mental prep and what comes after, in a voice that’s thoroughly believable. Everyone who wants more out whatever they’re doing should read this book.
- J.R. Phillips, Educator, former pit crew chief

Even though the overarching subject of this book pertains to running, the ideas and the framework it provides for how to adjust your thinking is universal. I’m a perpetual starter/non-finisher when it comes to projects. I hit speed bumps and give up or I allow myself to get distracted and then wonder what happened. So many of the speed bumps I’ve encountered are outlined in this book, as well as how to overcome them and keep moving forward...
- Ashley Cibelli, excerpt from review on