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Bryan is a student of the sport both on and off the track. His education, experiences, observations and insights will help get you to the next level. I highly recommend his book, Make the Leap.

Meb Keflezighi, Olympic marathon silver medalist, Boston and New York City Marathon champion

Bryan Green's Make the Leap is the perfect complement to the many books on how to train to be a better runner, explaining how to think about your running and your life to create momentum that leads to breakthroughs.

Jonathan Beverly, Editor-in-Chief at PodiumRunner, Former Editor at Running Times

Make the Leap by Bryan Green is one of those books that every runner and coach should have in the library. Along with Once a Runner, Pre, Joe Vigil’s Road to the Top, Daniels’ Running Formula, Running with the Buffaloes and Bowerman and the Men of Oregon, Make the Leap will be one of those dog-eared books that is read, underlined, quoted, and reread.

Ken Reeves, 2x National Coach of the Year, 11x California State Cross Country Champion at Nordhoff High School

Make The Leap is a phenomenal read for anyone looking to take their performance to a higher level. The concepts are straightforward, but the book ties them together in a unique way to create a cohesive framework for success.

Peter Gilmore, 2:12 Olympic Marathoner

Make the Leap has completely flipped my mindset in every aspect of my training...I truly believe reading this was one of the best things I could do for myself in striving for my athletic potential.

Sarah Turner, Coach/Dietician,

Make the Leap will transform how you think about your training, which in turn will transform your entire running experience. If you feel you have untapped potential, read this book.

Matt Fitzgerald, Author of 80/20 Running and Chasing the Dream

If Make the Leap had been available I would have strongly encouraged the athletes I've coached over the years to read it at the start of each season. Furthermore I would have suggested that they review the book whenever they ran into mental or physical blocks.

Bob Larsen, 4x NCAA Coach of the Year, UCLA, Retired; 2004 US Olympic Distance Coach; Head Toad

As Bryan Green points out in such engaging fashion, there is so much more to becoming a faster runner than logging miles. Make the Leap is a must-read book for athletes and coaches everywhere, a literal how-to of goals, attitude, and mindset to make better runners.

Martin Dugard, Cross Country Coach and New York Times #1 bestselling author

I feel like this book is just want I needed to get me out of my personal pandemic funk. As I coach XC and Track teams I will be sharing this book and the behaviors it talks about to all my athletes.

Christy Chambless, @christy_runs_on_donuts

Coaches and athletes agree, Make the Leap is a must-read book for all serious runners - Learn More

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Three Rules I Live My Life By

I was recently asked for three rules I live my life by. After considering a number of alternatives, I settled on the following:

1. Don't get offended by other people's choices or actions. Understand them.

2. Leave things better than you found them.

3. When in doubt, trust in yourself that you can figure it out.

What rules do you live your life by?

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