The Optimal Training Principles

The Optimal Training Principles are a set of 11 fundamental truths around which all great performers build their lives.

Chapter 1 of Make the Leap is dedicated to explaining what a "leap" actually is. You can read chapter 1 for FREE by signing up to my Think Better Newsletter.

Each subsequent chapter is dedicated to one of the below principles. Here are all 11 of them in one place, for your reference.

  1. Your athletic performance is a result of your attitude, your effort, and your training methods

  2. Active engagement in training makes the process more understandable, more relevant, and more effective. (And more fun.)

  3. You are responsible for your own training.

  4. Ability is a variable, not a constant. The harder you work, the more able you become.

  5. Self-efficacy is a fundamental ingredient to overcoming obstacles and achieving success.

  6. All behavior is caused. All causation is mental. We become what we think about most of the time.

  7. Optimal training is centered on clear, executable goals. We train to improve specific abilities.

  8. Certain behaviors, if practiced with consistent quality, ensure Optimal Training.

  9. Making mistakes is an effective way to learn and improve.

  10. Racing times and personal records indicate progress at one point in time.

  11. Optimal performances and realizing your potential are results of painstaking preparation and hard work.