Go Be More Podcast

Go Be More Podcast

In my other life, I'm the co-founder of Go Be More, an inspirational apparel company. I do a podcast with my co-founder (and possibly biggest leap maker ever) Jon Rankin. We interview inspirational people about their journeys and how they, well, Go Be More. We've also had a number of "conversation" episodes where we simply break down how to think better about our lives.

Our interviews tend to fall into a few buckets: Elite Athletes and Coaches, Entrepreneurs, Creators, and Kidney Disease Fighters (Jon is a kidney disease survivor, stem cell treatment recipient, and advocate for stem cell research to cure kidney disease).

Here are a few episodes I would highlight that are particularly relevant to anyone looking to Make the Leap.

Make the Leap: The Stories & Strategies Behind Bryan's New Book (Ep 74)

Conversation Episodes

Get More out of Goal-Setting with Self-Referenced Goals (Ep 76)

Interacting Better with Neutral Thinking (Ep 54)

The 80/20 Rule Part 1 (Ep 13) and Part 2 (Ep 15)

Interview Episodes

Bob Larsen Part 1 (Ep 25) and Part 2 (Ep 26)

Kara Goucher: The Importance of Patience (Ep 32)

Magician Mahdi Gilbert on Overcoming His Physical Reality (Ep 66)

Shannon Rowbury on Performing and Maintaining Balance (Ep 89)

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