Hear me discuss Make the Leap on the Strength Running Podcast!

Strength Running Podcast

I had the great pleasure to join Jason Fitzgerald as a guest on his Strength Running Podcast (Episode 177) to discuss Make the Leap. Unlike my discussion with Jon on the Go Be More Podcast, we got straight into the heart of the book and spent the entire podcast talking about the main concepts. 

The main topics we covered:

  • Feedback loops, how we generate them, and why they are important
  • the Optimal Training Pyramid and the importance of Attitude
  • Engagement and our Environment as ways to improve our Attitude
  • The Hidden Training Program and its role in our success
  • Our responsibility for both the formal and Hidden Training Programs
  • Growth Mindset and Self-Efficacy, and simple strategies to boost them
  • Purposeful Practice as the key to getting the most out of our workouts

And as an aside, Jason's an amazing host. I've been the interviewer for many podcasts, and he truly makes it look easy. I really appreciate the thoughtful questions...he made me look good!

You can listen here or find it on your favorite podcast player.


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