Hear me on the Justa Runners Podcast

"Start as small as you need to in order to be consistent. And then build on it when you’re ready to build on it."

Bruce McIntosh invited me to join him on Youngstown, Ohio's first running-related podcast, Justa Runners Podcast. We had a fun, chill conversation about pizza, Japan and of course, Make the Leap. Some of what we covered:

  • My favorite pizza
  • The running culture of Japan
  • How we got started in running
  • Our experiences in marathon running
  • Feedback loops
  • Lifestyle choices and the power of small habits
  • Running with Meb and training in college
  • The Discipline Illusion and why we get fooled by it
  • The Just One Challenge and boosting small habits
  • The 1% per day mindset
  • Improving nutrition via systems
  • Advice for trying to make big changes
  • Going to the Olympics in Japan