Hear me on the Marathon Running Podcast

"It can also be the subtle things that you yourself need to overcome in order to get the most out of yourself. Confidence issues... Health issues... Financial issues... These are part of our hidden training program."

I had a great time speaking with Letty on the Marathon Running Podcast (formerly the We Got The Runs podcast). Letty and I had a fun conversation in which she asked me about very specific points I made in the book, including:

  • Leaps, feedback loops, and compound interest ($$$)
  • The hidden training program
  • Expectations and our brains as prediction factories
  • The difference between talent and ability
  • What it means to be an expert
  • Self-esteem vs self-efficacy
  • Persistence as a feedback loop
  • Engagement in running and learning languages
  • The differences between goals when they are in your head, spoken loud, written down and shared with a friend
  • and more!


From their show notes:

In this episode we spoke with Bryan Green, the author of Make the Leap - a sports psychology book for runners. Through his book, Bryan demonstrates that the key to unlocking one’s potential isn't in training harder or doing more sophisticated workouts. Rather, it's in thinking better about your training. Think better, train better. His book provides athletes and coaches a step-by-step guide to thinking more effectively about all aspects of training. We asked him about some of the main concepts, including how “the leap” works, the concept of “the hidden training plan”, as well as many definitions of words and concepts that - when applied to running - make us rethink how we should think.

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