Hear me on the Rambling Runner Podcast

I had a lot of fun speaking with Matt Chittim on his Rambling Runner Podcast. I expected this to feel like a conversation but I was surprised at how natural it was and how, outside of attribution theory, we didn't specifically address the book at all.

I've embedded the show below and included their show notes/social media notes below!

Rambling Runner Show Notes

Bryan Green is on the podcast he brings an incredible amount of hard earned knowledge that all runners can benefit from.

His new book, Make the Leap, is absolutely tremendous and is a must read for runners who know they can improve and are looking to tap into their potential. In this episode Bryan and I dive into his book and have an engaging conversation about several of the primary topics in his work. We end the show with an enlightening conversation about Japanese running culture (Bryan lives in Japan) and how it is one of the top running countries in the world - a fact that may surprise many U.S. running fans.

Some key takeaways:

• Talent only takes you so far. It’s focused effort over time that allows you to unlock your true potential.

• Running is a skill and success is no accident.

• The same skills and strategies needed to achieve success in running can be transferred to many different facets of life, such as business, relationships and education.

• Focus on attributing success and failure to internal, variable factors like effort, rather than to fixed, external factors like luck: you are in control of your effort.

• By changing the stories we tell ourselves, consistently over time, we can re-program ourselves for success by changing our attitudes and attributions.

• The power of relatable role models cannot be overstated.


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