Hear my conversation on the Chasing Life Podcast

I had the enormous pleasure of speaking with Sarah Kane on her Chasing Life podcast. I am going to copy her show notes here because she was so thorough!

From Chasing Life Podcast:

Bryan Green is a former collegiate runner, turned author, podcast host and entrepreneur. During this episode, we talk about his book "Make the Leap" which provides athletes and coaches a step-by-step guide to thinking more effectively about all aspects of training. We also discuss goal setting, his 2 podcasts, how we each got started with podcasting, what life lessons we have learned from these projects and his inspiration with co-founding Go Be More, an apparel company.
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Memorable Quotes

Everyone has something different they need to do in their situation in order to get the most out of themselves
Your goal should be driving behavioral change
Always focus on doing the highest quality of work at the level you can do it now and focus on changing it and improving it when you know you are ready
The universe conspires to create opportunities for you, its up to you to recognize them when they come and its up to you to have the skills to take advantage of them when the time comes
It’s a more healthy approach to life to say “you know what, I am going to keep building skills and I'm going to keep setting myself up to be ready for opportunities and keep my eyes open to them, and not get caught up on what I am doing now is the only possible thing”
On a macro level, it’s going to inconvenience someone if you are chasing your life, and you have to accept that
What I gained in feeling like I was being intentional and being priority driven, and being the person I aspired to be, far outweighed what I felt like I was giving up

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