Is your Hidden Training Program holding you back?

I'm excited to share that Podium Runner, one of the premier online running platforms, has published an excerpt from Chapter 3 of Make the Leap. It's the section dedicated to the Hidden Training Program: what you really need to do to be successful.

"Every athlete actually carries out two training programs. The first is their official, formal running training program, prescribed by a coach or adopted from a book or online plan. This is what is expected of you as a runner.

The second is the Hidden Training Program: everything you really need to do to be successful.

The Hidden Training Program includes the formal training program and much more. How you prepare before practice and recover afterward. How you eat and drink to maximize your energy. How you allocate your time to other responsibilities (school, work, family, partner). How you talk to your coaches to have productive conversations.

Success is about more than just showing up and working hard. You have to be ready to work hard when you show up!

Olympic 800 meter runner Khadevis Robinson once told me a story about how he approached eating when he was traveling in Europe..." 

Read the entire excerpt at Podium Runner!