Make the Leap is Available at Runner's Tribe!

Runner's Tribe logo

I'm happy to announce that Make the Leap is now available via my good friends at Runner's Tribe! If you'd like to purchase the digital version of Make the Leap and support them, you can purchase the book here.

Runner's Tribe fans who want the physical book will need to order it from my website, but if you come via their site you will get a small discount and they will get a percentage of your purchase.

I'll also be publishing a series of six short articles to promote the book there. The first one is here. Check back weekly for a new one!

My relationship with Runner's Tribe goes back a long way. I first started writing a blog in 2007 (Optimal Training, RIP) and the guys at Runner's Tribe were the first to offer me an opportunity to write for a larger audience. I have probably published about 40 articles there, and I owe Sam in particular for pushing me to write this book in the first place.

Over 15 years they've grown to be THE resource for Australian running news and I happen to know they've got some other big projects in the works. So check them out and get your copy via Runner's Tribe to support them.

Go Be More,