NFL Lineman Eric Wood's 30-Day Challenge to Boost Self-Confidence (UCAN)

We recently interviewed retired Buffalo Bills offensive lineman Eric Wood for our Fueling the Pursuit podcast. He has a simple system for keeping yourself positive and balanced that I chose to break down in an article.

Eric Wood was an NFL lineman for the Buffalo Bills for 9 years. Since his retirement he has transformed his body by losing over 60 pounds. He has started a new career in broadcasting, and is dedicating himself to help others figure out what’s next in their lives. His podcast, What’s Next? With Eric Wood, centers around helping his listeners take the next step in their lives, or as he puts it, “to make their what’s next their best yet.”

In our conversation with Eric we dove into many of these topics, from goal-setting to serving others to the freedom that comes from living a disciplined life, but he had a brilliantly simple strategy for dealing with the problem of maintaining a positive mindset.

His approach involves a simple system of daily journaling. Once in the morning and once before bed for no more than 5 minutes. Here’s how to incorporate Eric’s system into your own life.

Read the article at UCAN, and definitely listen to the episode below (he talks about his system around the 34:30 mark).