Running Book Reviews with Alan and Liz Invited Me to Talk About Make the Leap

I had so much fun talking with Alan and Liz about the ideas in Make the Leap, but what made it so enjoyable was exploring some of their goals, and their challenges as runners and people.

From mental blocks about running on trails, to the work it took to understand math, to their shared goal of running a sub-3 hour marathon, we covered a wide range of topics. I've embedded the episode here and copied their show notes below.

Show Notes from Their Site

Have you ever started making huge progress in your training, and figured you would just keep improving at the same rate? If you have, then you probably already know that your porgress eventually slows down. Author and runner, Bryan Green, noticed that there is a cycle of these performance jumps, and that you can do more than just training to help get yourself to the next level in your running. The best part is that what he teaches in his book, Make the Leap, is transferrable to other areas of your life as well!

Make the Leap is a book aimed at helping you think differently, so that you can benefit more from your training plan. It also makes you think about the things outside of your actual run training that will help your performance; Bryan calls this the “hidden training program”.

The book starts with "Ch. 1 What is a Leap", where Bryan explains the idea that performance improvements are not linear, they actually happen as a “leap” that gets you to a new normal and then the progress slows for a while until your body is ready for the next “leap”. The other chapters are grouped into two parts (part 1. Attributes, Beliefs, and Values, and part 2. Effort and Behaviour) and covers 11 optimal training principles which each have a dedicated chapter.

Big thanks to Bryan Green for coming on the podcast, and for the great chat!

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