UCSD Triton Table Talk: Designing the Rest of Your Life

I was a panelist for UCSD's latest Triton Table Talk on "Designing the Rest of Your Life". The host was Hassan Akmal, Executive Director, Career and Professional Development at UCSD. My co-panelist was Payal Sharma, Associate Professor at University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Some of the topics we discussed:

  • How I've designed my life
  • Challenges I faced with career planning
  • The role of mentors in my career
  • Career and life vision, how I balance the two
  • Attitudes or mindsets that hold us back
  • Pivoting and taking that next step

In particular, I talked about my (new article) "3P" Framework for making decisions about opportunities, thinking of pivoting as the normal, and focusing more on your ability to learn than your lack of knowledge now. You can watch the full video below.