USA National Team Coach Mike Fanelli's review of Make the Leap

Mike Fratelli book quote

To my knowledge, I've never met Mike Fanelli in person. Though I do wonder if he ever made an appearance at the Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot on the Crystal Springs course in San Mateo, CA. I attended a couple of those back in the day with my Uncle Joe!

Mike is currently a collector and historian of track and field and running, but earlier in his career he was a USA National Team Coach. He recently posted a review of my book on his Facebook page:


"THIS book belongs on the bookshelf of every competitive athlete and coach...not just running/track and field.

It's the thinking man's guide to tapping into one's potential.

Not a book that scripts out workouts, instead, about how to progress from point A to point B by using your MOST powerful muscle, your brain.

I particularly liked a section that highlights a three step progression, 'build, leap, sustain'.

With a foreword by the great Coach Bob Larsen, this is the kind of tool that you'd want to provide every young athlete on your team.

Grab a copy here: (link're already here!)

SIDE BAR, the author, Bryan Green's, uncle is someone that, like me, you may have competed with...Joe Green ran at College of San Mateo, Cal Poly SLO, and the "Hell's Angels of track and field" the Converse / Reebok / Hoka Aggies of left coast fame."


Mike FanelliMike Fanelli was the USA National Team Coach in 1992, 1996, and 2000. He's also been an avid collector and historian of the sport, and has logged well over 110,000 miles over his lifetime. Read his profile on Lifetime Running. If you are interested in track and field memorabilia, connect with him on Facebook.
(Photo credit: Dinno Kovic / Dinno Kovic Photography)