Shipping & Returns

My original plan was to simply sell Make the Leap as an ebook. But after having so many of my initial reviewers tell me they want to be able to highlight, annotate and bookmark different sections (and in one case, smell the pages), I've decided to offer a print version as well.

I have partnered with to offer my books print-on-demand. When you order your book, it goes to them for printing and fulfillment. This means three things:

  1. I can't sign your book for you. I know. I feel the pain, too.
  2. It gets printed and shipped on a "first in first out" basis. This typically means it is printed within 3-5 business days, but due to COVID and what I'll just call "2020" those times are currently 5-8 business days.
  3. I can't ship it to you for free. Shipping costs are based on the weight of the book and the destination.

I wish I were Amazon and able to provide you with immediate shipping, but as an independent author I can't do that yet. If you recommend the book to everyone you know and my sales go through the roof, I'll consider changing that policy!

Estimated Shipping Costs

These will be clearly displayed in your cart.

Estimated Shipping Times

See chart below for estimated transit time in business days.
In addition, please allow 5-8 business days to print your custom book.

Destination Mail* Priority Mail* Ground Expedited Express
United States 7 5 5 2 1
Canada 11 - 7 5 4
Great Britain 3 2 - - 1
France 6 4 - 2 1
Rest of Europe 6 4 - 2 1
Australia/New Zealand 11 - - 5 4
Asia 11 7 - 5 3
South Africa 17 9 - 6 3
Middle East 12 9 - 6 3
Africa 17 10 - 6 3

* APO and PO Box addresses are available only through Mail and Priority Mail

Special Orders and Requests

If you'd like to order a large number of books and request a reduced shipping cost, please contact me directly. I'll happily do what I can.


I can only accept returns or provide refunds due to errors in printing or damage caused during shipping. If you really dislike the book, I suggest giving it to someone you don't like.

If you have received a damaged or otherwise defective book, please contact me directly. Lulu will first decide whether to provide a replacement. Based on their decision, I will determine how best to do right by you. 

For reference, this is Lulu's official returns policy: An item that is “print on demand” is manufactured when the order is received. IF YOU RECEIVE A BOOK THAT IS DAMAGED, WE WILL PROVIDE A REPLACEMENT COPY AT OUR SOLE DISCRETION BASED UPON PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE. Due to the nature of the print-on-demand manufacturing process, it is not economically feasible to accept returns on physical products. We may not require that damaged physical products be returned to us, nor do we guarantee returns will be accepted. Refunds are issued at our sole discretion.

Read the complete Refund Policy.